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Some minor suggestions

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Joined: 27 May 2016
Posts: 655

PostPosted: Tue 7 Jun - 02:14 (2016)    Post subject: Some minor suggestions Reply with quote

My $0.02, all of them are [edit] not [/edit] critical.

1. Let F4F has bombs. Technically they can carry 2 100lb bomblets, not very useful to armored ships, but quite useful against land targets and small ships. Just want to give Allied commander a free hand when, for a rare occasion, his/her fighters have nothing to do.

2. Option to show the enemy positions after the game ends, choosing this and the player cannot have the "Extra Day".

3. Skip bombing, Allied/US medium bombers can do this in late 1942, and it has the same effect as torpedo runs.

4. Showing enemy detached group. I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional. After Japanese detaches some ships away from a spotted group, it vanishes from the map even there is a strike group approaching 2 hexes or less, or even attacking the original group. The detached group has to be re-spotted later on.

5. Manual CAP control. After dealing with the enemy escort fighter(s), the surviving CAP can be allocated by the player to go against dive bomber/level bombers or torpedo bombers. Then the CAP/heavy FLaK attack resolves for each. This may make waved attacks more appealing than a single "clash of fighters"-sic melee.

6. DIY search. The search arc ides is definitely interesting -- I suppose the Japanese CV group is heading west so I put a 180-degree search arc to my left. Turns out the CV group is on my East....but further this idea (and annoyance to the player), you can organize search parties like you do with strike/transfer. You order the search party to a hex and it searches along the way. It can be recalled or relocated or even attack if the planes have the right ammunition.

7. Ground/air control: having 10+ CAP active but letting a couple of bombers slipping through drives people nuts. The chance of engaging enemy with CAP should be improved when the base/ships in the fleet having air radar.

P.S. Shame, I have thrown away the whole box of Flat Top and this game is one of the ghosts from my past...Can I have the digital copy of the manual?

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PostPosted: Tue 7 Jun - 02:14 (2016)    Post subject: Publicité

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Titus Tears


Joined: 03 Jun 2016
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Tue 7 Jun - 10:51 (2016)    Post subject: Some minor suggestions Reply with quote

Hello Bladerunner,

With regards to the points above:

Point 4: I would agree with this after experiences this myself, you loose track of ships that have detached.
Point 7: I had a cap of 20+ and out of 4 attacking airplanes two got through. Hard to imagine that a group of Lightning P38s you;d not be able to take down a slow and heavy bomber.

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Joined: 25 Jan 2016
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Localisation: France

PostPosted: Wed 8 Jun - 23:23 (2016)    Post subject: Some minor suggestions Reply with quote

1. F4F with bombs
Well this is quite negligible but then probably all the fighters may carry such bomblets 

2. Reveal enemy position after game ends. Yes why not

3. For the moment skip bombing is reflecting by improved A20 / B25 models (Check the inventory)
In the future, we could imagine as you say, considering skip bombing as kind of payload close to the torpedo and fearing AA
We coude also have high-level bombing

4. This is intentional. Your air units are looking for the main forces and will not go after a retiring CV until detected

5. I don't think fighters could have the freedom to attack incoming bombers if the escort os doing its job. Except of course if they are more CAP than escort. 
What you propose a different dogfight mechanism. Not for now for sure

6. In fact you can do this already by launching an airstrike against a fleet even if you send only fighters
Against a hex why not but the probability to find something is small
That si why I want to allow 2 search box (and search pattern) per airbase so that you get more freedom
Ultimately, being able to send x aircraft searching at a max range of y miles and covering an arc of z degrees would be the more realistic but also more difficult to implement 

7. Ok your score a point.
The air-to-air table has been enlarged to +8 with version 1.1.3 which should ensure a nearly automatic shoot down of the lone bomber (or at least as a revenge kill)
Later we could also use the emotion of abort in addition to destroyed. The bomber jettisons its weapon and return home safe. Thus less bombers will go through but some will still survive

I have just bought a digital copy of flat top  Very Happy



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PostPosted: Today at 20:15 (2018)    Post subject: Some minor suggestions

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