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Raid On Marshall Islands

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USS Archerfish


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PostPosted: Sun 31 Dec - 09:15 (2017)    Post subject: Raid On Marshall Islands Reply with quote

(This was written earlier and posted in the beta section.  I decided to post it here so those who wish to do some research and propose a new scenario have some example to go by).

Greeting gents

I've been working on a new scenario.  It was The US Navy first carrier strike.  It served several purposes.  Show the Japanese that the US was ready to fight, boost morale, draw Japanese away from their planned targets and provide the CVs a relatively easy target to allow aviators to iimprove their skills in a combat environment.

The raid was both on the Marshall Island and Gilbert Island but is most commonly known as the Battle of the Marshall Island. 

I did as much research as I could.

I have a complete list of all the ships involved but I do not have the name of most of the transports that were there. I have a fairly good aircraft list but some reports did not exactly match up with other reports. So I tried to estimate the best I could. But if anyone else want to do a little more research that will be helpful. 

So this first mission is essentially a milk run but it is also a great practice scenario as well. It will allow new players to polish their skills a little without fear of any major attack and build confidence. This was exactly the intention the US Navy had. 

Anyway, here is my report.  Please feel free to comment and suggest changes.  If BR like it, hopefully he will introduce it as a new scenario.

Raid On Marshall

The Marshall-Gilbert Islands raids February 1st 1942
Seven weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  The new Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC), Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, deemed the time was now right to launch America’s first carrier strike against the Japanese.  Led by the USS Yorktown (TF-17) and her sister ship USS Enterprise (TF-8), their first targets were to raid the Japanese held Marshall and Gilbert Islands.   The USS Enterprise was assigned to attack the Japanese forward bases on the islands of Kwajalein, Taroa and Wotje (Marshall) while the USS Yorktown were to attack the islands of Makin and Jaluit (Gilbert). The aims of this offensive was to serve notice to the Japanese that the US was ready to fight back, draw forces away from other areas where Japanese forces were steadily advancing, and boost the morale of all Americans.  At the same time allowing US aircrew to hone their aviation skills under combat conditions. 

These are the link I to reports with charts that I used for research.

February 1st 1942
Location: Wotje, Taroa and Kwajalein  (Marshall Island)
Jaluit, Makin, Mili Atoll (Gilbert Island)

Enterprise Targets: Wotje, Taroa and Kwajalein
Yorktown Targets: Jaluit, Makin, Mili Atoll (Mili Atoll was empty)

(Total 133 aircraft)

U.S Forces
CV Enterprise
18 F4F
36 SBD

(Enterprise escorts)
DD Blue
DD Mc Call
DD Ralph Talbot 

Wotje Bombards Group sunrise
CA Salt Lake 
CA Northampton
DD Dunlap

Taroa Bombards Group sunrise (Real sunrise was at 0705 but for game it should be 0520)
CA Chester
DD Baluch
DD Mury 

CV Yorktown
18 F4F
17 SBD (+ 18 )
11 TBD (+ 6)
(Note: Yorktown had more aircraft but to strike at max range they chose to use aircraft without tank seal since they were lighter. Aircraft in parentheses are aircraft that weren't used.)

(Escorting Yorktown)
CA Luisville
CA St. Louis
DD Sims
DD Hughes
DD Russell 
DD Walke

Japanese Forces
(Total 51 aircraft)

3 to 5 inch AA and heavy HMG

18 A5M2
2 bombers

1 CL Anti Aircraft cruiser
TRS Bordeaux Maru
TRS Shinhe Maru
TRS Shonan Maru
TRS Kashima Maru
Oiler Tao Maru
Oiler Yasukumi Maru
Auxillery Nagato Maru
Auxillery Kanto Maru
Minelayer Tokiwa

AA 3 to 6 inch guns

5 AM5
Dive bombers (exact numbers and type unknown)
8 ships (type unknown)

Taroa (Maloelap atoll)
(Game Proposal)

6 A6M Zero
15 A5M2
9 G3M bombers
2 96 Claude

CL Katora

(data from research 1)
14 A5M, Ki-27, A6M (Exact numbers unknown)
14 GM3

CL Katora

(data from research 2)
5 GM3)
12 AM5
6 Zeros

(This is an example where I had two different reports on aircraft on Taora)

(data from research 3)
15 A5M2 fighters from and 9 G3M bombers

No AA or Aircraft. 
4 H6K Mavis
TRS Nagato Maru 

6 H6K
1 cargo 
1 tender

Mili Atoll

After Action Report:
3 auxiliary ships sunk,
1 minelayer,
1 light cruiser damaged,
4 transports,
2 auxiliary ships damaged,
18 aircraft destroyed

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PostPosted: Sun 31 Dec - 09:15 (2017)    Post subject: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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PostPosted: Thu 23 May - 08:12 (2019)    Post subject: Raid On Marshall Islands Reply with quote

This would part of the next generation of scenarios using another map allowing also a Wake and raids performed in 43

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Joined: 25 Jan 2016
Posts: 1,295
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PostPosted: Fri 24 May - 15:54 (2019)    Post subject: Raid On Marshall Islands Reply with quote

The original timeline does not offer an balance fight as the US stroke and turned back well before the Combined Fleet from Truk could reach the Marshalls

I feel the game should recreate a lot of uncertainty for both sides as intelligence was not on top on this early stage
Where should the enemy carrier be ? Does I risk some of mine in this theatre or another ? 

Something occurring end January 1942 and combining
- the invasion of Rabaul
- the US raids on the Gilbert, Marshall and Wake or even Marcus island
- some possible raid or small invasion by the Japanese in the Gilbert, Fidji or Johnston Atoll area

Each side has a set of CV (3 for the US, up to 6 for Japan) which could be spread in the Central or in the SouthWest Pacific
This way there is no free raid and a bit of surprise
Each side will score a lot pf points for invasion but all for large raids performed on enemy bases, especially for the US as those pesky US carriers will eventually led to the decision to attack Midway

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PostPosted: Today at 14:14 (2019)    Post subject: Raid On Marshall Islands

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