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Fighter Surface Attacks And More

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PostPosted: Mon 1 Jan - 20:09 (2018)    Post subject: Fighter Surface Attacks And More Reply with quote

Ive always had an issue with fighters being able to attack air fields but not ships. I recently discovered that the first Japanese surface ship sunk by the US was a IJN DD sunk by a 500lb bomb from an F4F!  To add to this confusion there are some fighters that can attack ships but not other. It appears that Army planes can attack ships but not Navy planes.  I’ve also had an issue with fighters allowing to perform strafing when there are enemy CAPs. So I would like to suggest some rule changes that I think will help make things a little bit more accurate.

- Allow all fighters to attack surface ships.
* Fighter can only attack ships with bomb. 
This will be limited because fighters will have a reduced range when carrying bombs.  
(I’ve debated about including strafing. While there are reports that fighters have sunk transports and even DD will machine gun fire. It may create an imbalance in the game with making it even easier to sink transports.)

I have in the past suggested to double the numbers of transports but cut cargo in half but reduce ship life from 2 to 1. This would make transport cargo a little less vulnerable.  This will be most beneficial to the US which struggle the most to supply adequate fuel supply. 

* If an enemy has a CAP, fighters MAY NOT perform any ground or ship attack.  Fighters will assume to have jettisoned their bomb loads to engage enemy fighter and are too busy to perform ground attacks.

With a combination of limited bombing range an forced to break off surface attack because of enemy CAP. Will reduce any abuse or create any imbalance. 

There are some other things I haven’t been able to find out and that is I can’t find any records of the Zero performing any bombing attacks. I also haven’t come across Of Carrier fighters performing any bombing attacks during any of these Battles.  Perhaps the Zero or all CV launched fighters should not be allowed to participate in ground or surface attacks. It makes sense but I need to do more research.

Anything thoughts?

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PostPosted: Mon 1 Jan - 20:09 (2018)    Post subject: Publicité

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PostPosted: Mon 1 Jan - 22:14 (2018)    Post subject: Fighter Surface Attacks And More Reply with quote


Regarding the first point, i agree about clarifying what fighters can do against which ships.
First regarding the fighters, i think that not all of them may attack ships since, in the period under concern, some lacked the necessary equipment; furthermore, the pilots were not trained to it.
On the US sides, i would say that Army fighters were fitted to act as fighter-bombers but the pilots were not really trained to attack ships while they were trained to attack ground targets; for the Navy, the pilots were trained to attack naval targets but the planes maybe not really fitted for it... I suggest to wait the summer of 1942 and the Guadalcanal campaign to allow USN fighters (i.e. Wildcats) to attack ships and the very end of the campaign to allow US Army planes to do so (with exception of the P39 based at Guadalcanal).
On the IJN side, i think that A6Ms were not used for such operations, especially the ones from the carrier groups; i think it should be the same for the A5M. For the IJA, its Sentai were not engaged on this theater before the end of the campaign but i think we may allow them some bombing capacities...
Second, regarding ships, i suggest to restrict bombing capacities to DDs and TRS only (and maybe later PT boats and submarines and others auxiliaries when they will be in the game).

Of course, this changed heavily later on during the war with a dramatic increase in the numbers of fighters/fighters-bombers aboard carriers, especially US carriers, instead of bombers, especially dive bombers that almost completely disappeared from the order of battle (and the same later with the torpedo-bombers). But in 1942, separation between fighters, dive-bombers and torpedo bombers was still well established.

Regarding the second point, i fully agree: no ground/naval attack by fighters if there is a CAP protecting the target.

Just my two cents of course...

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